Dior X Air Jordon 1 High OG Fake Shoes Review

The trendy market has always been sought after by the majority of young people. Products that have brand value, appearance, fun and functionality at the same time, their prices will rise. One pair of shoes that has to be mentioned in 2020 is the Dior X Air Jordon 1 High OG. This pair of shoes has created a sensation throughout the fashion world. It’s hard not to get caught up in its glamour, but these shoes are only sold to select premium VIP members. If you really want to buy these shoes, you will have to spend more money to buy them from Dior VIP customers or buy a fake pair of shoes for a small amount of money. Anyway, let’s get to know these Dior X Air Jordon 1 High OG fake shoes first.


The Dior X AJ1 is a shoe designed by Dior in collaboration with Kim Jones and Jordan. Kim Jones has said that he likes to blend different ideas from different worlds. This shoe is a perfect blend of Jordan Brand and Maison Dior’s icons from different walks of life. The shoes were first seen at the Fall 2020 Men’s Fashion Show in Miami. The Dior X Air Jordon 1 shoe is a rich blend of elements that show us something exciting and truly new.

The Body Of The Shoe

The surface of the Dior X Air Jordon 1 High OG shoe is made of carefully selected calfskin leather and is made using the highest Italian craftsmanship. This is in keeping with Dior’s production philosophy. Additionally, the body of the shoe is stitched together from cream and Dior Gray calfskin. It’s worth mentioning that Dior Gray is Dior’s signature color and was founded in 1947.

The Upper And Laces Of The Shoe

The upper of the Dior X Air Jordon 1 High OG fake shoe

The Jumpman Wings logo and the words “AIR DIOR” are printed in a grey area on the outside of the upper. The laces are flat woven and are also Dior Gray. A Jumpman pendant is also attached to the laces. Of course, this lovely pendant is removable.

Tongue And Nike Swoosh

The Nike Swoosh on either side of the shoe is made from Dior’s Oblique pattern. The logo on the tongue shows “Nike logo”, “Dior” and “Air” at the same time. The transparent rubber sole is printed with the “DIOR” and Jumpman Wings logos.

2020 isn’t over yet, but the Dior X Air Jordon 1 fake High OG shoes are definitely one of the most important shoes of the year. From the moment it was announced to the moment it appeared to its final appearance, it only grew in popularity. This limited edition, on-trend piece highlights the timeless appeal of the Air Jordon 1 and Dior’s signature style.

This year happens to be the 35th anniversary of the Air Jordon 1 collection. The collaboration between Dior, Kim Jones and Jordan is also so perfect. The Air Jordon 1 High OG utilizes Dior’s expertise in leather goods and retains the original sporty aesthetic, ultimately presenting us with a familiar yet more refined pair of sneakers. But the price of these shoes has gone up fivefold. That’s why it’s wiser to buy a quality pair of fake shoes.

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