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Profile Of Fake Air Jordan 1-10 Sneakers

In October 1984, Jordon and Nike officially signed an endorsement contract. The first Air Jordon 1 retail version was released in October 1985. To date, Air Jordan has produced a total of 31 (AJ1-AJ31) different shoes, and each model has a special fan base. Next, I will briefly introduce you to 10(AJ1-AJ10) of the hottest fake Air Jordan sneakers.

Air Jordon 1 1985

fake Nike Air Jordan 1

The birth of the AJ1 marked the beginning of a legendary brand. The Air Jordon 1 fake shoes are now not only a sneaker with superior functionality, but also a sneaker cultural icon. The sole of the shoe has a built-in AIR air cushion for excellent cushioning. The classic and timeless red and black color scheme has also passed down many stories. The red and white color scheme of the Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” is a pair of shoes that every Bulls fan wants to buy. The Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” is a pair of shoes that every Bulls fan would want to buy. It also makes the fake Air Jordan sneaker brand well known.

Air Jordon 2

fake Nike Air Jordan 2

The Air Jordon 2 is the second AJ sneaker released by Nike. This sneaker is one of the most valuable shoes in the AJ collection. The AJ2 was designed by Bruce Kilgore and comes in a mid-top and a low-top version. The design and production of this shoe was done in Italy, so it looks different from other basketball shoes of the time. Also, the quality fake Air Jordon 2 was the last Air Jordan to use the wing logo, however, it was produced in very small numbers, so the AJ2 is very collectible.

Air Jordan 3

fake Nike Air Jordan 3

The AJ3 is the third generation of Air Jordan fake sneakers, born in 1987. It also brought the Jump Man logo into everyone’s attention. The Air Jordan 3 copy basketball shoes have a lot of impressive designs, such as the leather upper with a lot of fine grain, Jump Man logo continues to this day, has become a fashion icon.

Air Jordan 4

fake Nike Air Jordan 4

The Air Jordan 4 was launched in 1988. Designer Tinker Hatfield first introduced the idea of a linebacker sneaker in the Air Jordan 4. The shoe’s design focused on improving the shoe’s breathability. So the upper of the shoe is made of leather and breathable nylon mesh. And the flexibility of the mesh material allows the shoe to stretch a lot. Previous generations of AJ sneakers have sacrificed a great deal of comfort, despite their excellent appearance and performance. The fake Air Jordan 4 just improved the comfort.

Air Jordan 5

fake Nike Air Jordan 5

The super clone Air Jordan 5 was designed by renowned designer Tinker Hatfield. The shoe features the flame graffiti of an American Mustang fighter jet, a huge 3-meter reflective tongue, large ventilation mesh on the side and a clear rubber sole. And Kaede Rukawa from Dunkirk wore the Air Jordan 5 to play basketball. This is why the AJ5, with its red and white color scheme, is affectionately called “Ryuga Kaede” by fans. The AJ5 is not only cool, but also very comfortable.

Air Jordan 6

fake Nike Air Jordan 6

The 1:1 replica Air Jordan 6 places great emphasis on ankle comfort and was created in 1990. The shoe has a nail-bodied design that comfortably wraps around the entire foot. Both the toe and the ankle are very comfortable and are well protected. Two of the most classic pairs of AJ6 basketball shoes have the black and red colorway and the cherrywood flower path colorway. Jordan wore the Air Jordan 6 basketball shoes for the Bulls to win the NBA championship and he himself was the MVP of the game.

Air Jordan 7

fake Nike Air Jordan 7

The replica Air Jordan 7 has a rather unique look, somewhere between vintage and modern. The AJ7 OG is a rather special shoe that incorporates the design of Jordan himself, eleven pairs of basketball shoes that are both beautiful and sophisticated. The sole of the shoe is made of two different materials and is composed in a wrap-around style. Jordan won his second NBA championship in the Air Jordan 7.

Air Jordan 8

fake Nike Air Jordan 8

The Air Jordan 8 combines fit and support. It uses a cross lace fastening system and wraps the foot with an AirHuarache stretch insole to showcase unprecedented fit. The outsole configuration separates it left and right, boldly hollowing out the central section to achieve the goal of lightness. The AJ8 made Jordan’s dream of winning the MVP seven years in a row and the NBA championship three years in a row come true. But Jordan suddenly announced his retirement, so it has special significance in the Air Jordan collection. Many fans Air Jordan 8 replica basketball shoes were the last AJs Jordan wore in basketball, so the AJ8 created Nike’s 1993 sales championship.

Air Jordan 9

fake Nike Air Jordan 9

When Jordan announced his retirement in 1994, the question arose, would the Jordan series continue to be updated? The copy Air Jordan 9 is the only pair of shoes that has not debuted in an official NBA game, so the design of the AJ9 is back to its simplest form. So the design of the AJ9 shoe goes back to the simplest style design. But this is the first time the Air Jordan collection uses a quick lacing system, with a wavy sole to prevent ankle sprains. In addition, the sole of the shoe writes “sports” in different languages, a blend of fun.

Air Jordan 10

fake Nike Air Jordan 10

“I’m Back” – After 17 months, Jordan is back on the field. In 1995, Nike pre-released 3 pairs of Air Jordan 10 to the market. When Jordan came back, Nike immediately released 5 more urban limited models of replica Air Jordan 10. The Air Jordan 10 coincided with the 10th anniversary of the AJ collection. And no other athlete and a sports brand will continue a sneakercollection for so long, except Jordan. The AJ10 basketball shoes special features on the sole of the shoe, recording Jordan’s honors and special experiences during the 10 years from 85 to 94.

The next article describes the rest of the Air Jordan sneakers.

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