Four Pairs Of Underrated Nike Fake Air Jordan 1

In the eyes of many sneakers, Air Jordan 1’s status is unshakable. It is not only a very classic sneaker series, but also bears a lot of feelings. Nike Air Jordan 1 has more than 30 years of history, and has a high popularity. Nike Air Jordan 1 “Bred Banned”, “Black Toe”, “Game Royal”, etc. are all popular color schemes in recent years. But there are a lot of undervalued Nike Fake Air Jordan 1, let’s take a look.

Replica Nike Air Jordan 1 “Gold Top3”

Gold has always been a symbol of dignity and luxury. When it is used in the color matching of sneakers, it also enhances the luxury of sneakers. In fact, the Air Jordan 1 uses golden color not too few times. The Nike fake Air Jordan 1 “Gold Top3” was launched at the end of 2017. It can be described as an unexpected surprise. “Gold Top3” was designed by Jordan Brand specifically for ComplexCon. The shoes are mainly black, gold and white. Different colors are used for the same parts of the two shoes. And the surface of the shoes is made of patent leather with luster.

Nike Replica Air Jordan 1 Retro “TOP3”

This pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro TOP3 also comes from the “Top3” series, but these shoes use different colors and materials. It uses black and blue color matching, the color matching of the left and right foot shoes is opposite. Personally feel that this pair of Air Jordan 1 fake Retro TOP3 has more vitality. And this pair of Air Jordan 1 combines the classic elements of “Bred”, “Royal” and “Black Toe” shoes. So this is a pair of Air Jordan 1 with personality.

Nike Fake Air Jordan 1 “Rust Pink”

Air Jordan 1 replica “Rust Pink” was released at the end of 2017. This pair of Air Jordan 1 is based on light pink, and inherits the black and white tone of Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe”. The soles are also used in pink. Air Jordan 1 “Rust Pink” is a girl’s welfare, but also allows boys to experience the charm of pink.

Fake Nike Air Jordan 1 “All Those Awards”

The fake Air Jordan 1 “All Those Awards” and “Rust Pink” inherited the black and white color scheme, but the heel and sole were replaced with mint green. It gives fans a sense of shine, and the fresh green color is perfect for summer.

In fact, these four pairs of Nike Air Jordan 1 fake shoes have their own personality, if you don’t want to wear repeated shoes with everyone, you can choose these shoes. They can better reflect your style and taste.

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