Why Nike Air Force 1 Is Called The Most Classic Sneaker Fake

Nike Air Force 1 was born in 1982, this shoe is still one of the hottest shoes in the 21st century. Although the Nike Air Force 1 fake has derived countless different AF1, but the status of the most classic pure white Nike Air Force 1 can not be surpassed. And Nike Air Force 1 fake sneakers are the first sneakers with Air configuration.

Six Basketball Players

When the Nike Air Force 1 was born, it was sought after by countless people because of its unique shape. If you want to understand the history of this pair of Nike shoes, then you must know these six excellent defensive experts from basketball. They are Calvin Natt, Bobby Jones, Moses Malone, Mychal Thompson, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes. These six basketball players were the stars who initially spoke for Nike Air Force 1. So every pair of Nike Air Force 1 fake sneakers has the purest basketball spirit.

Three Categories

Like Air Jordan fake shoes, Nike Air Force 1 can also be divided into three categories. They are low, middle and high. Although the height of the uppers is different, they are all classic works.

In the 21st century in pursuit of retro trends, the classic Nike Air Force 1 certainly has more fans. If you haven’t bought the Nike Air Force 1, and are now preparing to buy the first pair of AF1, then you must give priority to the most classic and simple fake Nike Air Force 1 white.

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