Why Fake Nike Dunk SB Once Again Caught Everyone’s Attention

It should be from last year, Nike Dunk SB sneakers became hot again. Dunk SB on various platforms began to increase in price, but at the same time the price of Nike Air Jordan began to decrease. Even the prices of some non-hot shoes have fallen below the selling price. So why is Nike Dunk SB once again attracting everyone’s attention?


Nike put all Dunk SB sneakers ads on skateboarding related platforms. More focused is that these sneakers are only sold in skateboard themed stores. If you are not a skateboarder or do not pay attention to any skateboarding information, it is difficult for you to know about Nike Dunk SB Fake shoes with skateboarding culture. But this allows all skateboarders to see Nike’s attitude of focusing on skateboarding, so the players have more trust and respect for these Nike sneakers.


The design team behind the shoes is very important, but what I want to emphasize here is the skateboard team. If you want fake Nike Dunk SB to stand out among many skateboarding shoes, advertising is definitely not enough. They certainly need good spokespersons. In the end, four skateboarders from different places with different styles formed the first Nike SB Team. These outstanding people are Danny Supa, Richard Mulder, Reese Forbes, Gino lannucci.

Shoe Box

Among sneakers fans, the shoe box itself is a worthy collection. After seeing everyone’s needs, Nike integrated more design energy into the shoe box. So we saw a lot of Nike Dunk SB shoe boxes with collection value. Even some shoe boxes have exceeded the value of fake shoes.

To be honest, I am not a skater, and I do not even pay attention to the news about skateboarding. But I like shoes. Because I like shoes, I learned about fake Nike Dunk SB. It’s my honor.

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