The Connection And Difference Among Fake Nike Dunk, Dunk SB, AJ1

Many people who do not understand Dunk often ask these two questions. Question 1. Isn’t Nike Dunk SB the Dunk? Question 2. Isn’t Dunk SB AJ1 Low? None, but they do have a relationship.

Nike Dunk SB Not Dunk Or AJ1

Nike Dunk is a professional basketball shoe series, born in 1985. It is worth mentioning that this year Dunk launched the “Be True to Your School” series of sneakers. These shoes have bright colors and special craftsmanship.

In 1987, a movie that affected Air Jordan 1 was released, and it was “The Search for Animal Chin”. Many athletes wear fake Nike Air Jordan 1 in this skateboarding movie. Therefore, AJ1 immediately became the first choice for skateboarders. And these fake sneakers also added cushioning technology.

Nike Dunk Low (Hi) Pro SB

The fake Nike Dunk SB is designed based on Dunk and Air Jordan 1. Let me first say that a great person, Alpine skier Sandy Bodecker is the one who confirms the direction of SB development. In other words, Nike Dunk SB is specially designed for skateboarders. The new shoes are designed to meet the actual needs of skaters. For example, Zoom Air cushioning technology is added on the basis of Dunk sneaker, thicker tongue and richer colors.

The successful launch of the fake SB Dunks attracted the attention of skateboarders. And the rowers also recognized the professional details reflected in these shoes. Not only skateboarders, Nike Dunk SB is also indispensable to people who generally like the fashion of shoes.

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