Do You Know Fake Converse One Star?

Converse One Star shoes have been in a tepid state for the past two years, but it has its place everywhere. In the past two years, fake Converse One Star has also released a lot of co-branded models. Examples include fragment design, Stussy, UNDEFEATED, NEIGHBORHOOD, and Golf le Fleur. But do you know this low-key Converse collection?

About Fake Converse One Star

Converse One Star collection was born in 1974. In fact, One Star sneakers comes from Leather All Star, which is the first basketball shoe made of leather made by Converse. And there are two inclined parallel lines on the side of the shoe, with a five-pointed star in the middle.

In 1974, we saw the real fake Converse One Star shoes. But we did not see parallel lines on the side of the shoe body, only one star left. At the same time, there is a black one star label on the back of the shoe. However, this time One Star is still called Leather All Star or Suede All Star.

Converse One Star successfully entered the basketball world with the influence of Leather All Star. Coincidentally, skateboarding was popular at the time, and One Star attracted a large number of skateboarders because of its vulcanized rubber soles. Then, Converse One Star fake was officially called “One Star”.

Kimura Takuya & Converse One Star

Converse One Star has the current influence. We must thank the handsome guy, Takuya Kimura. Kimura Takuya wore these shoes many times in “Beautiful Life” released in 2000. In those years, Converse One Star has been called “Kimura shoes”. Because of Kimura Takuya’s influence, Converse One Star is quite popular in Asian countries (especially Japan).

In fact, One Star is the first modern basketball shoe in the Converse brand. It is this pair of sneakers fake that brought converse into basketball and fashion. And I think that Converse One Star is as versatile as the 1970s, and my shoe experience tells me that One Star shoes are more comfortable.

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